We are MOKUZAI Made.

Simple, functional wood pieces made for the home. We make our products ourselves in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s 2020, life it a bit different and we’ve found that we are home now full-time. If you know us personally, pre-COVID we didn’t spend too much time at home in Minneapolis, MN as we were nonstop business & personal travelers.

With our newfound time at home and came plenty of time to re-engage old hobbies.

Mike (the man behind the pieces and the craftwork) fell back into his love for wood working. He designs, crafts and creates most of the pieces we share.

Nicole (the lady behind the finishing touches, sanding, painting, marketing and sales) is the original person Mike had been making things for. Finding that we were staring at walls we never noticed before or discovering we needed more space in our kitchen (since we were now making meals all day and everyday) inspired some of our projects and products.

This site is to share what we’ve been working on, our available products and a way for us to connect for your next custom order that is unique to you.

Interested in a piece (or five) or want to learn more about what we’ve been up to? Contact us.