Things We Make That You Can Easily Get

We either have these items on hand or can make them to order! Not seeing something you like? Let us know. We can make custom sizes, colors, or even items!

“Akina” Plant Propagation Station in Natural Pine


One six-inch plant propagation station in pine wood with three holes. Three tubes are included.

You can put these on a table or hang them on a wall. They stand on their own and have keyhole cut outs in the back to be able to hang.

The details:
Six inch wide pine wood plant station with three holes.
Three glass tubes

“Ichika” Plant Hanger in Natural Pine


One Hanging Shelf great for holding your plants, books or other miscellaneous things!

The details:
Base is 7 inches x 7 inches.
Height of wood is: 1 inch
Strings are 24+ inches from base to the knot. You can adjust to make shorter if you’d like.
Wood is pine.
Strings are cotton.

“Akina” Plant Propagation Station in White