Plant Propagation Station

Meet the “AKINA” Plant Propagation Station

One plant propagation station in pine wood with glass tubes.

You can put these on a table or hang them on a wall. They stand on their own and have keyhole cut outs in the back to be able to hang on your walls and make a showcase wall (as featured).

These are a simple and classic way to showcase your water propagated plants.

Prices Vary Based on Size & Color

Size Options:
– 6 inch: 3 Glass Tubes Included
– 12 inch: 6 Glass Tubes Included
– Custom Orders Available

Color Options:
– Natural Pine (not painted, stained or sealed)
– White (Painted in Satin White)
– Green (Painted in Zucchini Green)
– Red (Painted in Primary Red)
– Bright Blue (Painted in Bright Blue)
– Gray Stain
– Walnut Stain
– Mahogany Stain
– Custom Colors Available

Plants or cuttings are NOT included.

Interested in custom wood, size, or color? Message us!